Only 3 days to go!

Finally I’m counting down the days and not the weeks until my course officially starts!

I’m still excited and am also starting to get a little apprehensive about it all but I think that’s just me stressing a little about how much work there is to do at uni and about everything else I still have to manage outside of uni. However, I know that it’s all going to work out, even if I do end up with a severe caffeine addiction by the end of it all ūüôā

This week we had our orientation session, which provided useful information and allowed all the unit coordinators/teaching staff to introduce themselves. They were running campus tours and library tours so we could get used to the facilities available to us. I had already found a lot of the information beforehand but it was good to start meeting other students who are in the same course.

Two current nursing students spoke about their experiences and gave us all a bit more of an idea of what we really can expect during the course. I found this quite interesting because the two students seemed to come from very different backgrounds, had very different experiences in the course and were both doing well with their studies. They both had very different experiences to share so it really helps you appreciate that everyone experiences their studies in such different ways.

Other than orientation the only other step forward is that we now have access to our e-learning sites for¬†the units we are studying. So we can now see what we have to do each week, what our assessments are and what is expected¬†from us. This is when it starts to become more daunting because you finally see how much work you’ve got to do!

Until next week….when the fun really begins!


Becoming A Life Saver

The first hurdle, before even learning a thing about nursing, is to complete a First Aid & CPR certification….and, much to my relief,¬†I blitzed them both! I received¬†100% on the written exams and passed the practical components also. Although I had to complete these courses as a¬†pre-requisite for one of the four units I’ll be studying in this first semester, it is a little reassuring as a new nursing student to know that I do have the capacity to pick up, understand and then put into practice some potentially life saving skills.

Previously I had never really thought about completing a first aid course unless it was¬†potentially necessary as part of a job I was in. I can now see how important it is to have training in First Aid & CPR, whether you work, don’t work, have kids, live on your own or are going into some sort of medical profession – it is just so valuable. Being able to act calmly and quickly with the right kind of treatment in an emergency¬†could potentially mean the difference between life and death for those involved.

Would you know how to treat a sting, snake bite, spider bite, burns or scalds around the house? What would you do if someone in your family was having a heart attack or drowned in the pool? Could you provide the necessary aid to give them every possible chance of survival while the ambulance is on their way?
I’d recommend to everyone to get a First Aid & CPR qualification so you can be¬†equipped with skills to help those around you when they’re in trouble.

The courses I completed were run by Surf Life Saving Australia Рhere is the link for more info:

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